The next generation radar speed signs use unique optical technology to display the speed of approaching vehicles. Driver feedback signs and variable message signs like these are proven to slow traffic on local roads and in school zones


Cities, townships and villages of all sizes face similar issues on their streets- motorists don’t always obey speed laws, putting themselves and pedestrians at risk. More than 70% of vehicle accidents happen not on highways, but in urban areas where people live.


Repeated research and a variety of studies all lead to the same conclusion: radar speed signs work. Radar signs are effective in creating real and positive change in driver behaviour, even after long periods of time. Case studies prove the effectiveness of radar speed signs.



Municipalities throughout the world face the same challenges on their streets. How can you keep traffic moving at a safer pace to protect drivers and pedestrians?
Residents want the streets in their communities to be safe for themselves and their families. Learn how you can reclaim safety for your neighborhood streets.
School Zones
Every city, town, and village wants students to be able to get to and from school safely each day. Slowing traffic in and around schools is important to protect children.
Work Zones
Tens of thousands of injuries occur each year from vehicle crashes in construction zones. Slowing cars down in work zones can help prevent these accidents and save lives.
Police Enforcement
Your police force can't be everywhere at once. We have the solutions you need at competitive prices to help you enforce speed limits with round-the-clock enforcement.
Business & Industrial
In industrial environments and on corporate campuses, slow speeds are crucial for workplace and pedestrian safety. Learn how to slow vehicles when every kph counts.


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